“I always used to work, until my doctor told me I had cancer. At that point, I had to stop working to receive treatment. For a while, my cancer disappeared, but about two months ago, my doctor said it was back. So here I am again, unable to work and back in treatment.

That’s why this pantry at the senior center is so helpful to me. Money is tight, but it provides me with good food to take home. It’s even more difficult because I have to help provide for my son, who has struggles of his own. But the food I receive here is enough for both of us to eat. My son does the cooking, and I enjoy it because he’s good at it and not afraid to experiment with the food.

Being sick is difficult, but it’s even more difficult when I’m struggling to make ends meet and can’t work to pay the bills. Thankfully, this pantry provides me with my basic nutritional needs. It enables me to focus on getting better instead of worrying about going hungry.”