Food Finders

Sponsor a Mobile Pantry

Now in operation for more than a decade, Food Finders’ Mobile Pantry program has proven to have a vital impact in our 16-county service area by distributing nutritious food to ensure thousands of families have the resources they need. Our mobile pantry brings about 7,500 pounds of food to distribute to 150-250 families in a 2-hour period. Since transportation can be a challenge for many, our mobile pantries are designed to take food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, to centrally located areas. In 2021 alone, our mobile pantries provided over 3.2 million pounds of food to over 106,000 individuals, including many children and seniors.

The cost of providing each Mobile Pantry is $2,000. Sponsoring one or more mobile pantries at $2,000 per pantry is an impactful, immediate, and important way to give back to your community. To learn more about opportunities for you or your company to sponsor a Mobile Pantry, contact Larry Sommers at [email protected] or 765-471-0062, ext. 215.