Help Your Favorite Nonprofit Win the $10,000+ Growing Prize Pool

Champ’s Charity Challenge is a men’s college basketball prediction competition where you, the individual, predict the outcome of the tournament on behalf of ANY 501(c)3 charity across the entire United States of America.

From now until Thursday, March 21st, you can predict the men’s college basketball tournament at for a $20 donation. Of that amount, $10 goes right to the charity you select, $5 goes to grow the $10,000 grand prize grant pool, and $5 goes to credit card processing and operating expenses. Just think…. for every 20 people that participate the $10,000 grant pool grows by $100, and it’s already up to $10,780!

Once the tournament is underway, we’ll all be watching hoops to see how the games play out. Then, the 10 talented individuals who predicted the tournament the best will earn their benefiting charity a share of $10,000+ from Brackets For Good. It’s as simple as that!

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