Backpack Program

BackPack Program Information

When local kids go hungry, we have their backs.
The BackPack Program is designed to meet the needs of hungry children at times when other resources are not available, especially on weekends. Each school’s administration selects the eligible children, and then a backpack filled with six to eight pounds of nutritious, kid-friendly food is sent home with them each Friday. Volunteer Packing Partners fill the backpacks each week. Launched in 2006 with just two schools, the BackPack Program has grown to serve more than 3,300 children weekly in 85 schools across 15 counties.

Are you interested in starting a BackPack Program at your school? Please call Food Finders and set up an appointment to talk with our Programs Staff and find out how to get started. (765) 471-0062

What we’ve heard…

School Administrators

“Attendance is great those days!

“This is just what some families need to make ends meet. We are thankful for this blessing for our students.”



“Now we have supper.”

“I like the backpacks. My mom likes them too because we don’t have a lot of food. Please do it again next year.”



“Thank you for all of the food and healthy snacks that you provide my child with each Friday. Your program is a blessing to a lot of children. Please keep up the great work!”

Backpack facts

In North Central Indiana, one in every five children struggles with hunger.

The BackPack Program is currently serving more than 3,300 children across 15 counties.

Over 124,000 backpacks were distributed in the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Even mild malnutrition can affect a child’s ability to learn.

Just $7.00 each week provides healthy food for a child in need equaling $238 to feed a child for an entire year.

Fifty percent of people served at  local food pantries are children.

Food Finders supports the BackPack Program at 85 sites in 15 counties.


Thank you to the following corporate partners for their ongoing, generous support of the Food Finders BackPack Program

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