Food Finders sees families each day who are struggling to make ends meet. They come through our doors when there is nowhere else to turn for help. “It’s less stressful knowing where your next meal is coming from. This food is helping me feed my daughter,” shared Missy, a single mother.

Can we count on you to sign up for a monthly recurring donation so that families get the nutritious food they need? Just $10 each month can provide 30 meals. That means kids will have the energy to learn and grow and moms like Missy won’t have to skip meals to make sure their kids have enough.

Beyond making a difference in the lives of people who face hunger, you will save on envelopes, postage and checks. Not to mention, we will send you fewer mailings because we know we have your monthly support.

Food Finders depends on monthly sustaining donors to get nutritious food into the hands of the 74,650 people, including 22,200 children, at risk of hunger in our community.

Thank you to those of you in the 365 Society for your ongoing commitment.

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