Food Finders’ volunteer of the month is our dedicated pantry check-in volunteer, Lisa!
Lisa’s favorite part of volunteering is the people. “You can quickly develop a rapport with the staff, other volunteers and the clients,” Lisa shared. A good friend connected her to Food Finders. She had always wanted to volunteer but didn’t have the time. Now that she has time, she is happy to be spending it at the food bank. The more Lisa volunteers, the more she wants to be able to give back and find the small ways to make someone’s day. Since volunteering in the food pantry, Lisa found that she has become less judgemental. She went on to say, “You never know what someone is going through.”
When Lisa isn’t volunteering at the food bank, she loves to cook, try new recipes and read!
Thank you for all you do to help people in our community, Lisa!
Come join the fun.