Yogi Yergler is our Volunteer of the Month!
Yogi has become an invaluable part of our warehouse team. He volunteers multiple times a week to drive our trucks and complete local retail pickups. He then sorts through bread and baked goods in the afternoons almost every day of the week. Yogi takes leadership over these responsibilities and brainstorms with our Director of Operations about how to solve any issues or concerns that we face. Yogi’s dedication to come in virtually every day has allowed Food Finders to increase our distribution capabilities weekly.
When Yogi is not at Food Finders, he can be found going to the driving range with friends. He often travels to visit family, this includes heading to Illinois, Indianapolis and Athens, Georgia. Fun fact: Yogi used to work for the Indiana State Egg Board and inspected eggs for 1/3 of our state! He’s always been drawn to the food industry and we are so glad that brought him through our doors. Congratulations, Yogi!