Every Tuesday morning, Clara, Marjorie, Emilie, Jeanie, and Tom arrive at Food Finders Food Bank.  They check-in at the front desk, walk down to the sort room and begin their well-perfected task of categorizing food. Collectively, this group of friends has volunteered with Food Finders for 59 years! Clara sets the record for the group, volunteering for over 19 years. With so much experience, this group organizes totes of food with efficiency and precision. They also manage to have fun while doing it!

The majority of this group did not know one another before volunteering at Food Finders. Instead, they learned of the opportunity to serve at Food Finders through various sources, such as an add on TV, a flyer in the mail, or the recommendation from a friend. Through their time together at Food Finders, they have formed deep friendships and look forward to seeing one another each week. When asked what they enjoy about volunteering, they all described enjoying one another’s company while they are helping others. When asked if they have any suggestions or encouragements for those who are thinking about volunteering, Clara said with a smile, “It (volunteering) makes you feel good!”

Thank you, Tuesday Morning Crew, for your dedication and service.