The new year gives us an opportunity to reset. A much-needed chance to shake our bad habits and shift our perspectives. In 2018, we hope you join us in resolving to give back to your community. Here are three easy New Year’s resolution ideas to help you get started! And the great part about these resolutions is that they will benefit both you and your neighbors.

1.    Pledge to volunteer: More than half of all soup kitchens, food pantries and meal programs rely entirely on volunteers. There is so much to be done and volunteering is a simple way for you to put in a few hours and leave having made a true impact. You might sort donated food, repackage bulk noodles or meat, label frozen goods, stock our pantry, or make and bottle laundry soap, but no matter what you do you will see the immediate results. Make your pledge for 2018.

2.    Broaden your perspective: We could all stand to have a little more empathy by learning about others’ circumstances and understanding what people all around us face every day. Follow our social media channelssign-up to get email updates about what we are doing to fight hunger or resolve to read our blog for a reminder of what life looks like outside of our own bubbles.

3.    Make a commitment to give monthly: Even though our first inclination is usually not to pull out our wallet, one of the best things you can resolve to do is make a monthly commitment to donate. Our programs rely on steady support and every $1 you donate can provide three meals for our neighbors. Skipping your latte once a month could mean dinner for a hungry child or family.