Inching her way across the snow and ice, 83-year-old Delores made it through the door on Senior Pantry Day with a helping hand from other visitors. Greeted by Food Finders staff, Delores took a seat in the waiting room. She reached into her pocket to retrieve a few mint candies to share.
Delores happily chatted about how she was excited to return to her job as a cashier at a local superstore. She stopped working a year ago due to health issues. In that time, she found herself in need of food assistance. After a neighbor told her about Food Finders, Delores called to set up an appointment and met with one of our Resource Coordinators. Food Finders staff helped her apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and made sure she knew about our special Senior Pantry Day on the third Thursday of the month.
Later in the month, she visited the J.P. Lisack Community Food Pantry and gathered some of her favorite foods including pork, peaches, pears, oranges, soup, crackers, pasta and bread.
“I don’t want to use the food bank. I really don’t,” Delores shared. “I want to get back to work. I was worried about my bills. It has helped me more than people know, and I really appreciate it.”
Delores knows it’s the generosity of people like you that helps put food on her table. Thank you for helping make sure our pantry is filled with nutritious food for people facing hunger in our community.