The third in a series of blog posts to answer questions about SNAP and what it means to people struggling with hunger.

Late last year, Congress passed a tax overhaul that will add greatly to the United States’ debt. Even before the changes were finalized, congressional leaders announced they would review entitlement programs, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), in 2018 and look for possible cuts.

Most adults who receive benefits are working or looking for work, others are elderly or have a disability. Children make up 44 percent of SNAP beneficiaries. SNAP is a critical safety net and has been proven to lift people out of poverty.

Reductions or changes to SNAP could come in multiple forms. The program could face benefit level reductions or tightened eligibility either through entitlement review or during its renewal as part of the farm bill in 2018.

With your support, Food Finders Food Bank can work with advocates and partners in the state and around the country to protect SNAP from cuts or harmful structural changes.