A note from Food Finders Food Bank’s President/CEO, Katy Bunder.

I cannot possibly express the depth of my gratitude to everyone who has reached out to help Food Finders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The response from the community has been heartwarming and has kept our staff going through this unexpected ordeal.

As I write this, we have found our stride. We’ve successfully converted our J.P. Lisack Community Food Pantry and Mobile Pantry Program into drive-through events. National Guard members are filling the roles that our valued volunteers once filled.

We are facing the same supply chain issues that you see at the grocery store magnified by our need for large volume and low cost. We have been able to buy most of the food we need thanks to your generous donations.

Once this crisis has passed, Food Finders will be challenged with finding enough food to keep our pantry, and the 100 other pantries we serve in 15 surrounding counties, stocked with healthy food.

Food insecurity and unemployment are directly linked. As stimulus checks and extra unemployment dollars diminish, more and more people will turn to Food Finders for help. We are already using some of the donations you have sent to prepare for the months ahead. We will need your continued support to provide for everyone who has lost a job due to this pandemic. The response of this great community through the current crisis makes me believe that we will weather the storm that is coming.

Thank you for the kindness and generosity you have shown to the food bank and to those who depend on us and thank you for your continued support in the months ahead.