I am four months pregnant with my first child. I’m so excited. I talk to my stomach and I play music for my baby to hear every day. I want her to be healthy. I’m extra cautious about getting good medical care because I have epilepsy, which people say could affect my child. Fortunately, however, every ultrasound brings good news – even after I’ve had a couple of seizures.

In the five years since I graduated high school, I’ve always had a job. Most recently, I was working in food service. I was saving up to afford a place to live, since I’m currently homeless. But a few weeks ago, I was laid off. I have been sending in applications to as many places as I can, but so far haven’t found a new job.

In the meantime, the food pantry is such a blessing. I am eating for two now, and I can’t tell you what it means to know I will receive a good meal that will fill me up. Not only that, it’s providing the nourishment my baby needs to be born healthy.

I want my baby to have a good life – to be successful and not have to struggle like this. I don’t like asking for help; I’d rather depend on myself. But to give my baby a chance I need to put my pride aside. I’m grateful that there are places like this pantry to turn to, so that even in this difficult time, I can get the nutrition we both need to build a better life.  

Give hope