Every 10 years the government counts our communities to determine how much money to give us for services and resources. Being counted in the census means more political representation and funding for programs that help fight hunger.

The Census is safe to fill out.
The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect your answers and keep them strictly confidential.

The Census affects programs that matter to us.
The census matters to our families and communities. Being counted translates to meals in our kids’ schools, SNAP (sometimes called food stamps) and WIC dollars to spend at grocery stores, housing and utility assistance, and much, much more. Complete the 2020 Census to make sure you’re counted!

The Census begins soon.
You’ll get an invitation to participate by April 1st. There are three options to respond: online, by mail or by phone. You can complete your census form as soon as you get it — and there will be lots of reminders to help you remember to get it done. Pledge to be counted — we are in this together!

Communities that experience hunger often don’t get counted.
We don’t get counted because we’re struggling to make ends meet — stretching our dollars and time to balance work, kids and life. But when we’re not counted, our communities don’t receive the resources we need. So we have to help each other and make sure we get this done. We are in this together!

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