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Volunteer of the Month for august!


Connie Farrell started volunteering here at Food Finders Food Bank about 4 years ago once she heard about us from her friend at church.  She originally thought that FFFB was a food pantry, but now understands the role that a food bank plays and continues to help serve FFFB’s mission.

Connie has been volunteering at Food Finders twice a week since she started. She typically helps out with sorting the non-perishable salvage items. She is always impressed with the amount of food items that are donated. “Sorting food is also a learning opportunity because I get to see all kinds of different food items that are available”. The good exercise and knowing that she is able to help people in need is all the motivation Connie needs to continue to volunteer.

Thank you Connie for your years of service! Without YOU, none of this would be possible and for that, we say thanks.