Meet Quynh!


Quynh Nguyen is currently a student at Purdue University studying pre-pharmacy.  She began volunteering at Food Finders through Bolier OUT! – a student volunteer group from Purdue. Boiler OUT! arranges monthly volunteer sessions with different nonprofits in Lafayette, including Food Finders. Last year, Quynh donated over 39 hours of service to different nonprofits in Lafayette through her work with Boiler OUT!. With her commitment to serving others and her upbeat personality, Food Finders is lucky to have Quynh as a volunteer.

What encourages you to continue volunteering at Food Finders?

“I choose to volunteer with Food Finders because I feel like my consistent efforts will have a large impact on the community in the long term. I learned the term food bank way before I came to the U.S. for college, but Food Finders is the first food bank I have seen in real life and I can relate more easily (compared to other non-profit organizations) to the good cause that Food Finders is fighting for.”