Meet Matthew!


Matthew Hicks is the Volunteer of the Month for May!

Matthew Hicks is a freshman at Purdue University. He started volunteering at a food bank in his home town during high school, and wanted to continue to volunteer at a food bank when he moved to Lafayette. The Friday crew of volunteers calls him the “Manager” because he is always providing positive reinforcements. Matt is also one of the very first student committee members of Friends of Food Finders at Purdue University, a new student organization set to launch in fall 2016 as a support network for the food bank!

When did you start volunteering with the food bank?
“I started volunteering in October of last year”
What encourages you to continue volunteering at Food Finders?
“Food Finders take really good care of their volunteers and there is a great community of volunteers here. Even though some projects here seem repetitive, there is always something new to be done.”