Volunteer of the Month

January’s Volunteer of the Month is Ryan Steele

Ryan Steele

Every Friday afternoon in the sort room, you can find Ryan dancing and singing along to the music playing, his favorite is Taylor Swift. Ryan has been volunteering on Friday afternoons at Food Finders for the past year. Ryan chooses to volunteer at FFFB because he believes that Food Finders can solve food insecurity in communities in Indiana.  He enjoys coming to Food Finders because everyone knows his name and says hello.

Ryan loves everything about sorting food at Food Finders, but most of all he enjoys meeting new volunteers.  If you are new to volunteering at Food Finders, come by on Friday afternoons to hang out with Ryan who will ensure you will have a great time.

Thank you, Ryan, for your dedication to fighting hunger!


Ryan looks forward to helping out at FFFB every Friday. He is a great example of someone with a caring heart who wants to help in any way he can, especially when he is supported by such wonderful friends. Phil Steele (Ryan’s Dad)


Thanks for shairng. Always good to find a real expert.


Jan is an extraordinary nurse and volunteer. She has made a huge impact at Kosovo Hospital due to the time and energy she has put into helping those in need. Thank you Jan!

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