December’s Volunteer of the MONTH


The “A Team” is the nickname bestowed upon a particular group of regular volunteers at the food bank.   Every Thursday afternoon for the past several years volunteers; Brenda Anne, Connie and Gary Longest, Steve Baluch, Bonne and Jerry Oxley; and Ken Eldridge volunteer at the food bank.  They earned this nickname over the years for their dedication and willingness to tackle various volunteer tasks asked of them – and they have fun while doing it! Although they each started volunteering individually on their own or as a couple, the “A Team” represent friendships that can develop through volunteering at the food bank.

“A Team” volunteers, Gary and Connie Longest share their personal story about why they got involved.

Gary worked at Ivy Tech where he counseled students helping to find services for them to succeed during their time at Ivy Tech. Through this, Gary learned about the high level of food insecurity that exists in Lafayette. “Knowing the importance of what Food Finders does for the needy people in our community is what motivates us to come back every week”, says Gary.  He adds,
“The long lasting relationships we make with other volunteers helps create a memorable experience.”

Thank you to Gary and Connie Longest for your devoted work and to the amazing “A Team”!