Marjorie (Marj) Martin is the volunteer of the month for November! 

Marjorie is a devoted volunteer at Food Finders Food Bankshe has been volunteering every Tuesday morning for 11 years! Marj decided  to join Food Finders in order to have the opportunity to make a difference in  the lives of others.  She knows her time volunteering makes a difference to those who are less fortunate.  “I believe all human beings should have access to food, shelter and health services.  Hopefully I’m helping in a small way so that perhaps one person won’t go to bed hungry”, says Marj desire to keep things cleaned and organized (like her flowers and vegetable garden) are valuable traits that she contributes sorting salvage at the food bank.

Marj enjoys the friends she has made at Food Finders as well as the activities she completes each week.  The positive energy she brings to each volunteer shift keep her group upbeat and working hard.  Her positive attitude and dedication have made a huge impact at the food bank and in the lives of those that we serve.

Thank you Marj for your years of service!