Submitted by Alli Turrell, Education Program Manager at Food Finders Food Bank

The fun continues with the Summer Feeding Program! This week we have had some awesome meals including animal crackers with yogurt, and Doritos with black bean and corn salsa. Yum! And the kids love them.

This week at our Claystone site, we’ve been doing a lot of fun arts and crafts like coloring, pasta necklaces, and Fruit Loop necklaces! The kids love making the jewelry with all the fun colored cereal, and snacking on them afterwards!

We went out to the Warren County Park Program where the staff and interns gave 2 presentations on food groups and food safety to about 75 campers. After the presentations we played “Nutrition Bingo” with the kids, and they loved it! We’ve had a great start to week 2 of Summer Feeding and we’re looking forward to more fun all summer long.

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