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When Katy Bunder retires at the end of 2022, her 14 years at the helm of Food Finders Food Bank will have been book-ended by two national crises – the Great Recession and the COVID pandemic. She took over on August 25, 2008, and three weeks later Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, and the country was faced with its biggest financial crisis in decades and, since the spring of 2020, the nation has been in the throes of varying levels of recovery from a world-wide health crisis unmatched in the past 100 years.

Fortunately for the 16 Indiana counties served by Food Finders, Katy has bravely taken on these challenges and others and has led her staff in finding innovative and effective ways to get food to those who need it. She leaves behind an organization that has been transformed under her leadership. We sat down with Katy to ask her about her 14 years with Food Finders.

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