Zach is March’s Volunteer of the Month!


Throughout his five years as a volunteer at the food bank Zach has worked just about every volunteer job assigned to him.  He now helps out with picking up bread and meat from local grocery stores in Lafayette every Tuesday.  If he has free time after picking up the bread, he stays to help in the sort room. With his upbeat personality, positive attitude and commitment, he is a valuable volunteer for Food Finders.  His motivation to continue his service is he knows that in some small way he is able to make a difference.

During his free time, Zach spends most of his time with friends and family. He originally heard about Food Finders though a group of his friends, now some of his closest friends are the volunteers here at Food Finders.

Thank you, Zach, for your commitment to fight hunger and for bringing your upbeat personality to the food bank!