Written by Alli Turrell, Education Program Manager at Food Finders Food Bank

Yesterday, Claystone had some special visitors on site for the lunch hour. A group of nursing students from Ivy Tech Community College joined the fun!

The kids played wiffle ball baseball and colored with the students before enjoying a lunch of ham sandwiches, bananas, and green pepper slices. While the children ate, the nursing students gave a presentation on the importance of nutrition. They broke down the different food groups, taught us about serving sizes, and explained the difference between “bad” sugars and “natural” sugars. Once they completed their presentation, the kids participated in an activity called “My Plate” in which they used markers and paper plates to represent how much of each food group they should aim to eat at each meal. It was a fun-filled day full of nutritious food and learning for everyone!

Find the Summer Food Service site near you here. Children 18 and younger welcome.