Food Finders Food Bank welcomes food donations of all sizes!

Most Needed Items

100 percent fruit juices
Baking items
Boxed rice and potatoes
Canned fish and meats
Canned fruits and vegetables
Meals in a can/box
Peanut Butter
Canned soups and stews

*We also accept toiletries, cleaning products and pet food

Food Finders also welcomes donations of fresh produce from your garden or farm. Please plan to drop your donation off during warehouse hours, (8 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday). Can’t make it out to the food bank? Check out AmpleHarvest and find a pantry close to you that accepts fresh donations.

Food we cannot accept: No open cans, bags, containers, bottles etc. of food. All donated food must be in its original form. No homemade food, please. No baby food in glass containers.

When to drop off your food donation: The best time to drop off your donation is during open warehouse hours, 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Thank you for helping us fight hunger!

Donate food, funds, time, and energy by organizing your own food drive!

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry

Calling all hunters! Each deer season, all deer taken in north central Indiana and processed through Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry (HFH) are donated to Food Finders Food Bank for distribution to families in need. The meat from just ONE deer will provide meat for 200 meals! That would feed a family of four for several weeks. Simply take your deer in to a processor and request that the meat be donated to HFH. The hunter in not charged for the processing. Find a local participating processor here. Processors throughout the area have agreed to process the meat at a deeply discounted rate of $50 per deer. Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry raises funds to pay for the processing fees.

Donation Drop-Off Hours

Your donations can be dropped off at our warehouse located at 1210 N 10th Street, Lafayette, IN 47904, Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm.

When you arrive to drop off a donation, please come in our front entrance and enter the warehouse door on your right. Let our warehouse staff know that you have a donation and we will help you unload your items if needed.

If you have a very large donation (i.e. more than a few boxes) please back your vehicle up to one of the spaces in front of the loading garage doors along the front side of our office.

Food Finders is happy to pick up donations of 500 pounds or more. Please call the food bank to schedule a pick up time if needed. Our trucks are on the road every day and run on tight schedules, please provide at least one week’s notice and at least two possible days for pick up