What is Food Finders Food Bank?

Food Finders Food Bank, a member of the Feeding America network, works to provide full service programs that meet the nutritional needs of thousands of hungry families in North Central Indiana. The food bank operates programs to cost-effectively secure donated and purchased food, provide food to families in need, and educate the community about the efficient use of food resources. With the help of many, Food Finders continues each day to provide a hand up to those in need. In 2015, Food Finders distributed over 7 million pounds of food throughout North Central Indiana.

How does the food bank get food?

Some of the food comes from the community through food drives – individuals, schools, businesses – all sharing what they have with those who have less.  Product also comes from the food industry.  Mislabeled, overproduced, test-market items, and products with short code dates are examples of food that comes to Food Finders for distribution to nonprofits who feed the hungry.

Food Finders also receives “salvage” food and nonfood products.  Dented cans and crumpled boxes that are received are sorted by volunteers to provide food pantries and soup kitchens with a variety of food.  Nonfood items, such as paper products and cleaning items, are rescued from retailers and given to those in need. Many of these items are not donated through other channels.

Because of our membership in the Feeding America network, we are able to secure donations from national donors, purchase large quantities of high-demand products that are seldom donated, and pass the savings on to our agencies.

TEFAP (USDA Government commodity) products are made available to agencies in our 16 Indiana counties. TEFAP is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Can the hungry get food at Food Finders?

Not directly. The food collected and stored at Food Finders Food Bank is distributed to qualified nonprofits that feed the hungry throughout North Central Indiana – places like food pantries, soup kitchens, or shelters. These nonprofits, called Member Agencies, receive the food from Food Finders and give it to those in need free of charge.

What are the benefits of donating to Food Finders Food Bank?

Food Finders works with over 120 nonprofit agencies in 16 Indiana counties and distributes food through 4 additional direct-service programs. Our food reaches thousands of hungry Hoosiers and their families every year. Donating to Food Finders allows your donation to be shared among many agencies. A donation of just $25 enables us to provide food for 75 meals!

Food Bank Flow Chart