Food Finders

Cooking Matters for Caregivers Class

Food Finders offers free cooking classes for parents and caregivers.
In each class, participants learn about cooking, meal prep, grocery shopping, food budgeting, and nutrition in a fun, hands-on environment!

The Cooking Matters for Caregivers (Courtesy of Cooking Matters® by Share Our Strength®) class utilizes a curriculum from Cooking Matters. Cooking Matters works in communities across the country to help parents and caregivers develop their skills when shopping for and cooking healthy foods on a budget

Each class participant will take home free groceries and recipes with each lesson. They will practice hands-on cooking with healthy, low-cost, and delicious recipes.

Cooking Matters for Caregivers is on a mission to make eating healthier fast and affordable for families everywhere.  

To Apply Call 765.471.0062 or email [email protected]

Week 1: Set a Healthy Example 

  • Be a role model for healthy eating habits
  • Eat from “every food group, every day.”
  • Use recipes as a framework to meet your family’s needs.

Week 2: Choosing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains

  • Choose a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Fresh, frozen, and canned produce all count towards your family’s daily goals.
  • Check the ingredient list to be sure you have whole-grain food.

Week 3: Healthy Starts at Home

  • Use the Nutrition Facts panel to help guide your food choices.
  • Make small changes to your fast-food or convenience-food favorites to improve your health.
  • Try making your own snacks and convenience-food favorites at home.

Week 4: The Power of Planning 

  • Plan menus in advance to save time and money and make healthier choices.
  • Make your own grab-and-go breakfast to eat a healthy breakfast more often.
  • Use herbs and spices to flavor your meals in place of salt.

Week 5: Shopping Smart

  • Compare unit prices to find the best buys.
  • Use the skills you have learned in class to make healthy meals that fit your budget.
  • Find fun ways for kids to get involved in food shopping.

Week 6: Recipe for Success

  • Congratulations! Be proud of yourself and the changes you have made.
  • Try healthy beverages at home.
  • Learn more.