From Hunger TO HOPE

Building a better Food Bank

OurJourneyA nine-year-old girl told Food Finders recently that she knew her mom was skipping meals to make sure her kids had enough to eat. Our hearts ached for this mother. We tried to imagine what it must feel like to worry about feeding out own kids; but truly, it’s unimaginable.

Though hunger touches more families now than ever, we are uplifted by the great work Food Finders has been able to accomplish through the years. Previously, seven million pounds of food seemed like a distant dream. Now, it’s our reality.

Every day, our services are evolving and expanding, reaching more of our hungry neighbors across sixteen counties. Food banking has changed dramatically since the construction of our current building. We are enjoying much greater access to fresh and frozen food, which means healthier options for the families we serve. We have also learned that simply handing out food isn’t enough. We need to pair that food with education – helping families utilize all available food resources to live healthy lives.

We can’t reach these ambitious goals without a new facility. The location and size of our current building make it impossible for Food Finders to adequately meet the needs of the hungry in our communities. Put simply we need more space, the right kind of space, and centrally located space.

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 Our Vision Graphic

We can do more, and we must do more.

In a larger, centrally-located facility, Food Finders will Grow to meet the needs of the community, to provide more food to more people and to equip them with the tools they need to feed themselves.

We Will Feed more children and seniors.

With more storage space, we will be able to source and distribute more food through our Senior Grocery, Summer Food Service, and BackPack Programs – reaching thousands more of our community’s most vulnerable and at-risk citizens.

We will feed more working families.

In an accessible location, we will have a food pantry that is open evenings and weekends – the first of its kind in the area.

 We will help families help themselves.

Giving away food is no longer enough. Families need help understanding how to use the food they have available to them. In an accessible location, we will provide outreach and education programming on topics including healthy meal preparation, thrifty meal preparation, budgeting, and maximizing other resources.

We Will Give People More healthy Choices.

There is more produce than ever available to hungry families in our community; we just need enough cold storage space for it. Each year, we turn away an estimated 1 million pounds of food because of insufficient space, much of it is dairy and produce. In our new facility, we will have plenty of cold storage space and room to grow, which will mean more nutritious, fresh food for children and families.